Bumps in the road…


Yesterday was a tragic day for all of us…One of the worst shootings took place and although in Connecticut, it struck the entire country. Thoughts swarmed people’s minds..”What would make someone do this?” “Why the children?” “What is happening to this world?”. It’s absolutely horrible and I can only pray that those that are sickly and think of such acts can be noticed by others and get help so things like this happen less.
I decided that yesterday was a good day for a nice and chill run (even though at the time my legs were like, bleghh). Me, as well as others were walking around struck by a down mood ever since watching the news so I figured it was a good day to run and think. And that I did. At one point I forgot what I was doing because I was so deep into so many different thoughts at the same time, mainly about people could do to change the world. And actually, I decided to legitly get this blog while on that run, hoping that maybe…just maybe..someday and somehow I can make a difference and help people through it. (Don’t worry, as my blogs progress you’ll see it more) But then at 1.5 miles, where I initially planned on turning around (quickie run) I came across a “bump ahead” sign”. Now, typically I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but today was a special day. I stopped and paused my GPS watch and looked at the sign thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if we had our own speed bump warning signs in life? We would be warned when there would be a little bump in our path but not to worry because that bump won’t last forever…It’s only a small percentage of the rest of the road(your life). I wish I could get this through to people more when they get deeply upset about the little things because THERE ARE better days, no matter how much you don’t think so at the moment. The key is to be strong and to just keep moving forward while still thinking of others, because there are people who have it much worse. Take this time to be thankful of all that you ARE blessed with rather that the thing that’s not going as planned. I know you’ve been told this enough, but life’s too short to be focusing on the bad. So forgive, forget, don’t hold grudges, take on each day like you’re invincible, and act like you can’t be broken. Because although we cannot be warned of the little bumps in our path, we CAN overcome them when they surprise us, and better yet.. we can learn from them and be a better individual afterwards.

Well kids….I now have a blog. 
The reason this is is simply because I continuously tweeted about running/working out/eating healthy/etc. etc. etc. like multiple times a day.  Not kidding.  And I guess it kinda got annoying to people, especially those who weren’t interested in it. Like “omg, she just tweeted about running AGAIN, is she trying to show off or something?”  No…I just like to run and work out I guess, and I like to talk about it.  Sorry it bothers you.  Sooo that leads to here..and now..when I actually should be studying for finals (obviously I’m not).  And I’m sure the status of this blog will be Writer: 1 Readers: 0 anyways, but who knows right?  So…here we go!
Blog Numero Uno: Complete.   😉